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What are Exotic Smoke BBQ Products? Well, everything you might need to get a

Barbecue variety pack with smoking wood and recipes
Combo BBQ Product Pack

unique smoked taste to your food when you toss it on your barbecue. Click on any of the menu options at the top of the page or search for recipes or products by name located near the bottom of the page. But what do we have on this site? BBQ Products and more!


Exotic BBQ Products offers the finest in Smoked Barbecue Recipes. It’s not like we’re offering anything new or unusual, but we do recommend using some of the more exotic BBQ smoke WOODS (Hover your mouse over) that we have sourced throughout the world.

Wood Varieties

As indicated above, we offer terrific wood for smoking your meat, fish or vegetables…And we’re open to suggestions for other types of smoke wood. We also offer a compete Smoke BBQ variety package.

BBQ Products

As mentioned above we have numerous woods from which to choose, but more importantly, we have a complete line of products to complement your BBQ grilling adventure.

Other Smoke Barbecue Resources

We specialize in the more unique and specific smoke barbecue topic. Visit us on ETSY   In more the general arena which include both smoked BBQ topics and the more generic barbecue areas are the following: A good places to find Smoke BBQ information such as The Smoke Ring, it contains tons of advice and even recipes. Also, they do product reviews of grills and other BBQ equipment. Some of the most helpful info comes from the general “BBQ” public who share their experiences with all sorts of BBQ products and some of their ideas with any visitors to the site. Another interesting site is the BBQ Brethren, which is more general in nature as is BBQ Geeks. Don’t forget to visit our sister site exoticbbqwood

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